Nava Del Rey, Rueda D.O.
Winemaker: Pilar García Duque
Viticulturist: Juan de Bonito Ozores
Minimal Intervention


In 1941, Mr. Modesto Alvarez Romero and Mr. Eladio Díez Ossorio created the company Alvarez y Díez, S.A. Located in Nava Del Rey in the Rueda region North West of Madrid. The original winery is built  in an underground hollow space, that descends about 15 meters. A framework of brick galleries accommodates great oak barrels and about 250 to 500 ceramic jugs in which the wine was produced and stored.

A clever ventilation system, based on zarceras (ventilation shafts) that went outside, allows airing the spaces and providing a way out for the toxic gases when the must is being fermented.

The underground cellar is an extraordinary space.  And an authentic popular architecture treasure of past centuries.

The modern winery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Generally the wines are fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, under 17°C. This lets the wines obtain fresh, fruity, harmonic and elegant characters.

To create the different Verdejos, Alvarez y Diez respects the fruit of the young verdejo, but adds greater complexity, glycerides and balance between acidity and alcohol content in the barrel fermented Reserve bottling.


2021 Alvarez y Diez Mantel Blanco Sauvignon

2021 Alvarez y Diez Mantel Blanco Rueda Verdejo

2020 Alvarez y Diez Mantel Blanco Rueda Barrica Fermentado