Stortford Lodge, Hawkes Bay
Sustainable Viticulture
Winemakers: Lorraine Leheny & Warren Gibson

Bilancia (Italian pronunciation be-larn-cha) Balance, equilibrium and harmony.

Lorraine and Warren met in 1990 while studying winemaking at Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia. Post study they both travelled together and independently to various winemaking countries, before returning to New Zealand in 1997 and establishing Bilancia, a small Hawkes Bay winery making exceptional Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Syrah.

The Pinot Gris is sourced from the Black Bridge Estate in Haumoana the Chardonnay and Syrah come from the La Collina Vineyard in the North West Facing side of Roy’s Hill. The wines are reflective of their terroir and with the use of small oak are created to balance perfectly with a tight spectrum of flavours.