Aranda De Duero, Ribera Del Duero  D.O
Sustainable Viticulture
Winemaker: Antonio Diez Martin

When it comes to making excellent wines, old is gold. Although the story of Martín Berdugo goes back centuries, the single-vineyard estate that surrounds the modern winery was planted by its owner, Josefina, in the 1980s with the support of her husband Enrique and their children Antonio, Bruno and Pepa. The soul of their wines is found within the mature vineyard in Ribera del Duero.

The single vineyard estate offers the beauty and complexity of alluvial soils in the Duero River valley: gravel, sand, silt and light clay. And the mature vines extract minerals that yield luxurious flavours and aromas.

Antonio Díez Martín, a passionate winemaker, is responsible for running Martín Berdugo. He rebuilt the winery after a lightning strike burned down the previous one. It is a gravity fed modern facility, a shining beacon in the region. Antonio’s enthusiasm, vision and personality permeate every aspect of the business. Such is his energy and commitment that you are as likely to find him pruning vines as traveling to wine fairs across the globe.