Ourense, Ribeiro D.O, Spain
Sustainable Viticulture
Winemaker: Pablo Ibanez

The winery has its foundations in the D.O. of Ribeiro near Ourense in Galicia dating back to the 1930’s and for the most part has been a small producer of indigenous varieties. They grow Mencía for red wines and for whites, Treixadura and Torrontés.

The vineyards are distributed across DO Ribeiro, with climate, soils and an ideal terrain for growing grapes. Special attention is paid to the vine by lifting it so that its fruit doesn’t touch the ground, thus obtaining healthy and ripe grapes and keeping disease at a minimum. All work in the vineyards is by hand due to the steep aspect of the terrain.

The business has always been a family tradition. DoCampo strives to maintain the legacy of their ancestors by incorporating the necessary innovations to produce wines that are a guarantee and care for the vines.