Cornudella, Montsant D.O. & Priorat D.O.Q, Spain
Organic & Biodynamic
Winemaker: Eva Prim

Cellar Ronadelles is located in one of the most exclusive wine regions in the world, Priorat, a rural county with vineyards over a hundred years old. The high-contrast of the dry weather and the high mineral content in the soil means the grapes are smaller but much more intense and given the correct handling and the perfect maturation they shine.

Priorat has two designations of origin, DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. Cellar Ronadelles is proud to work across both of them, searching for the most special fruit in the best vineyards, making wines to reflect the essence of the terroir.

The grapes are handpicked due to the steep and unforgiving terrain. The vineyards are all dry grown and only organic matter is used to mulch. Eva Prim has been awarded for her modern styles, while still harnessing the region's champions, Garnacha and Carignan.