Lleida Costers Del Segre D.O, Spain
Organic Certification Pending
Winemaker: Maria Mendoza Rafales

La Boscana is a beautiful Catalan term to denote a vast expanse of forest. The name evokes nature, open air, relaxation and fun. These are the sensations that both the red and white wines aim to capture. Their image is fun, different and youthful - a faithful reflection of the qualities of these wines.

The vineyards are situated in the province of Lerida, in the lower Pyrenees area of Catalonia, at an altitude of 300masl, a 75 minute drive from Barcelona. There are 80 hectares of vineyards on the estate, and these are divided into 40 plots. The microclimates in the area make each plot very different, hence the philosophy ‘Vinos de Finca’ or single estate wines. The vineyards are dry grown and are very low yielding.

Organic practises are adhered to, with certification a teardrop or so away. The intense flavours in the wines make them dynamic and fresh, with easily identifiable aromatic notes for all who are young in spirit.