Yass, Canberra Region
Hand Made from start to finish
Winemaker: Chrissie Smith


Chrissie’s journey looking after this vineyard started in 2021 with it’s previous owners Bob and Barb. Due to birds, disease, and fire there hadn’t been any fruit harvested for several years. The first year was all about getting the vines healthy and Chrissie managed to harvest half a ton of fruit. Bob having looked after the vineyard himself for many years, there was always plenty of banter re my decisions, watering being one “they don’t need a bloody water.” Bob sadly passed that year and every single time we picked in 2022 it rained on us. I believe Bob was up there having a good laugh.


With a passion for Organic Viticulture, Chrissie tries where possible to have minimal synthetic intervention within the vineyard. The aim is to enhance the vineyard’s natural ecosystems, build natural predatory insect control, enhance natural soil carbon, and increase the quality of the land, vines, and wines.



Sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys, ones that challenge every inch of your sanity. It’s not until you finish that journey that you realise, that course is the exact direction you needed to go.


2022 Sangiovese Shiraz Rose 

2022 Shiraz Sangiovese