Grafenegg, Kremstal, Austria
Sustainable Farming & Chemical Free
Winemaker: Phil Brundlmayer

The conflict between father and son winemaking teams could easily fill volumes – Josef & Philipp of the Bründlmayer family would not feature in them. Although Philipp has taken charge over the family’s estate, his father still plays a vital role in it. This comes as no surprise, since he knows every single vine in their 52 vineyards. A lot of them he planted himself, others he nursed back to health having identified the site fit his philosophy: namely to vinify terroir-shaped wines which tell about their origin and represent their variety.

Philipp applies minimal intervention to the fruits path from vine to bottle; There are no insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers used. Vineyard work is done manually. The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand. Every single vineyard is vinified separately in order to mirror the terroir and the differences as precisely as possible.