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Sunbury & Heathcote
Farmed Sustainably, Minimal Intervention
Winemaker: Steven Worley

No matter where you live, you’ll be surrounded by “merrifolk”. Sometimes it just takes a little adversity to remind us how important our community really is. In 2020 we embarked on our own local project with friend and local Northcote artist Hannah Fox.

Hannah created our labels by drawing inspiration in equal measure from the personality of our wines and our inner city community in which they were conceived. The wines themselves are an ode to our two most beloved varieties Shiraz (and its many guises) and Nebbiolo. By nurturing the best quality fruit, managing our yields and a little blending, we’ve been able to present a collection of natural wines who lean on their own inherent qualities to provide balance rather than unnecessary winemaking intervention. Much like a happy community – harmony and balance is all around – take the time to appreciate it.