Ober-Florsheim, Rheinhessen, Germany
EU Certified Organic
Winemakers: Chris, Philipp & Stefan Frey


Frey is located in the heart of the village Ober-Flörsheim. It is the highest elevated municipality in southwestern Rheinhessen. The roots of grapegrowing in the family go back into the 18th century and they currently grow grapevines on 23 ha and produce about 15.000 cases per year.

Philipp and Christopher Frey, the youngest generation of the family, and their father Stefan are now in charge of operations, beginning from the vineyard right through to bottling.

The winery-owned vineyards are spread over 20km in north south direction. Between Biebelnheim in the north an Ober- Flörsheim in the south, the vines grow on various soils and different microclimates. Massive limestone rocks deposited in the tertiary, provide the basis of the terroir. The unique loam/clay limestone soils and relatively arid climate produce stunningly mineral Rieslings and creamy and delicate Pinot Noir. Smaller plantings of Bordeaux varieties grow on the adjoining gravely loess soils.

Since 2013, the grapegrowing follows the EU-guidelines for organic viticulture. The focus is on selective, fully ripe handpicking and gentle transport and pressing of the grapes. Natural fermentation, initiated by yeast from the vineyard and aging in larger format oak barrels, barriques and stainless steel ensure an immense depth of character to the wines. The fully ripe aroma and the aged style are the incomparable signature of the Frey wines.