Wintrich, Mosel, Germany
Organic Practices
Winemaker: Jochen Clemens

“My wine is a mirror of me. Fermented slowly, gets as little exercise as possible and is allowed to mature in peace”. In 1993, Jochen Clemens, took over the winery that has been in the family for generations. With a Masters in winemaking and experience in other Piesport wineries, Jochen continues to modernise and expand the business.

The vineyards include the top locations " GroBer Herrgott" and "Dhron Hofberger", sun-drenched steep slopes, the best conditions to make special wine. At 80%, Riesling has the largest share in the 5 hectare vineyards. Production is extremely small with quality very high. The healthy grapes, with intensive vineyard work and a lot of passion, combine to make this achievable. Grapes stay on the vines for as long as possible in harmony with nature in order to completely develop their taste in the finished wine.

Following the 2013 EU guidelines for viticulture, the focus is on selective, fully ripe handpicking and gentle pressing of the grapes. Natural fermentation gives an immense depth of character to the wines. The ripe aroma and the aged style are the incomparable signature of Jochen’s wines.